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What my clients said…

The Garage Declutter

I moved into my home about 18 years ago.  Shelving was set up at the back of the garage and boxes labelled for storage.  So all very organised and neat.  Unfortunately over the years I have put more and more ‘’stuff’’ in the garage, just in case I needed it one day.  So in front of the shelving just more and more stuff piled up….as well as up above in the rafters.  It came to the point a year ago when I could just about get the car in the garage, but trying to get out of the car was another story!  I hadn’t a clue what was in there and if I had I could not have found it.

10 months ago I met Lou; who suggested she could help me declutter my garage – but I came up with so many excuses e.g. it’s Winter too cold now in there; not the right times; I was too busy to deal with it etc.   The main problem was I was completely overwhelmed with it and if I’m truthful it scared me.  Easier to close the door and forget.  No idea how to begin.

Then a couple of weeks ago I decided… it must be done with Lou’s help.  So we began. I first stood there and thought wow! Where do we begin? But with Lou’s suggestions and support we did.  Lou had a very organised way of working which helped me tremendously.  She was a delight to work with and when I did feel myself getting overwhelmed again…she motivated me on.  We sorted everything into categories e.g. refuse; recycle; charity; keep; undecided; to sort further.  From this it gave me the clarity needed when making decisions.  Lou was also skilful and knowledgeable in knowing where and who best to contact to take certain items or advertise.

I honestly could not have decluttered and organised my garage without Lou’s guidance and support.  I could not have tackled it without her, I was so overwhelmed with it all.  She is such a calm person and so motivational.  She was an absolute star! I can never thank her enough. I would fully recommend her services without any hesitation.

And I’m now feeling absolutely wonderful to say the least..  My garage is sorted and organised. 

It really feels good! 

Vivien – Chorley Area, July 2020

Whole House Declutter & Organisation

Until now, we have had several rooms where you couldn’t even see the floor due to clutter and thinking “we need to keep everything”.

Thankfully we met Lou last year and were able to call on her services. Over the last few months, we’ve been using Lou’s services to declutter and organise our house at a pace to suit us.

Lou suggested going room to room throughout the house and it worked a treat. Following her advice, we have managed to keep the items we really wanted, dispose of the junk and give as many items as possible to local charities.

We’re very happy with the end results and would highly recommend Lou’s services.

Ben and Becky – Chorley, August 2020

Louise did a fabulous job collecting and sorting my items that were no longer fit for purpose. She made recommendations for data security and made sure that everything was recycled in an environmentally responsible way. A brilliant service and great value for money.

Alison – Chorley January 2022