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Virtual Decluttering and Organising services

Do you need a quick decluttering solution? Would you prefer remote support?

I can provide virtual sessions on FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or any other online tool, to help guide you through the sorting and decision-making process. 

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What decluttering services can you help with virtually?

There is nothing I can’t do virtually that I can do in person. All of the services I can help with can be done in a virtual session. The only difference with virtual is that I’m not there to be hands on, which I am very much a hands-on person when I’m in your home, so you have to do the heavy lifting so to speak. Even large and complicated jobs can be supported through virtual sessions.

The most common times in which I’m asked to provide support virtually are:


Paperwork Organising

Paperwork is perfect for virtual sessions, we can work through the categories and I can help you make decisions on what to keep, and options for shredding out of date papers.

Starting to work from home

Organising your space and staying clutter-free allows maximum productivity without stress from messy surroundings. I can give you the same guidance over a virtual session and provide that much needed accountability to make sure the job is complete.

Digital tidy up

Helping people get organised in their digital life as well as their homes is something I love to do. I can help with tidying files and folders to utilising organisation tools on existing tech you have access to.

Virtual decluttering and organisation service

Do you need a quick decluttering solution? Would you prefer remote support for any of the above situations?

I can provide virtual sessions to help guide you through the sorting and decision making process. I’ll help you to create processes and systems that work for you, and we can keep in touch online as you implement them. 

To see if virtual sessions are a good fit for you, please book a free 30 minute consultation by clicking the button below. We can then discuss the best video call platform and schedule for you.  

How do virtual decluttering sessions work?

We’ll arrange a free consultation call to talk through the space and what you want to achieve. If it’s something I feel I can give you support virtually, then we’ll get our diaries out and plan in the sessions. Depending on what’s needed will depend on how many sessions, but I’ll be very up front and transparent about how many sessions I think it will take, and you can decide how you want to move forward.  I offer follow up options to give you accountability and chivvy you along to make progress.

Louise Founder of Be Clutter Free at computer doing a virtual session

Maybe you’d like the benefit of both in-person mixed in with a little virtual on the side?

Are you looking for a more hands-on approach? I combine my in-person decluttering and organisation services with my virtual sessions into a hybrid approach. This means you get the face to face, hands-on approach in your home for a few sessions (we can decide on how many is needed), with follows ups and accountability sessions via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or any other online communication tool.

This approach works well as I know the space more intimately and can give valuable advice and workable solutions to any queries you have. Visit my page on decluttering here for more information on when decluttering is needed or what spaces you might need help with.

Expecting a new family arrival

An exciting time for the family! And also a tiring whirlwind of activity. We can help you to prepare by planning how you can get organised and maintain a clutter-free environment whilst using minimal energy reserves.

Moving home

 When you need help planning what to keep and what to throw, and where on earth all of your furniture and things are going to fit, I can provide this help during virtual sessions to bring some organisational experience & clarity.

A general tidy up

When the mess gets too much and you feel like you can’t escape the chaos, I can help you to sort out your living space from afar and regain much needed calm.

Start the virtual declutter now with a free consultation

A professional organiser can help to bring clarity and calm to your living spaces.

If you’re struggling to declutter your house, book an initial consultation with Be Clutter Free to discover how we can help you virtually. Simply click the button below to choose a date and time to suit you.