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Start decluttering your house and regain an organised home

No matter what state your house is in, professional organisation services can help you to form new habits and maintain the calm of an organised home.

If you’re looking to ditch the mess, professional decluttering services can help you regain control of your home.

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When to consider using my services

Sometimes the stress of mess becomes too much. Often, this happens during difficult times or stressful life events.

Some of the most common times in which I’m asked to provide support are:

A general tidy up

When the mess gets too much and you feel like you can’t escape the chaos, I can come to you and help you to sort out your living space, regaining some much needed calm.

Moving home

When you need help planning what to keep and what to throw, and where on earth all of your furniture and things are going to fit, I can help bring some organisational experience & clarity.


Sorting through personal possessions and dealing with administration after bereavement can feel overwhelming. I offer gentle support and practical help at this difficult time to minimise your stress.

Starting to work from home

Home offices need to be a distraction free, organised place to work from. Organising your space and staying clutter-free allows maximum productivity without stress from messy surroundings.

Expecting a new family arrival

An exciting time for the family! And also a tiring whirlwind of activity. We can help you to prepare by planning how you can get organised and maintain a clutter-free environment whilst using minimal energy reserves.

Renovation / decorating

This generates an enormous amount of displacement. Adding new furniture, moving old furniture, sorting through possessions you’d probably forgotten you owned. I can help you declutter the old stuff and organise the new.

Virtual decluttering and organisation service

Do you need a quick decluttering solution? Would you prefer remote support for any of the above situations?

I can provide virtual sessions to help guide you through the sorting and decision making process. I’ll help you to create processes and systems that work for you, and we can keep in touch online as you implement them. 

To see if virtual sessions are a good fit for you, please book a free 30 minute consultation by clicking the button below. We can then discuss the best video call platform and schedule for you.  

Decluttering services

When the mess gets too much, I can help you sift through the stuff.

The process of decluttering generally includes: deciding what to keep, donate, or recycle; categorising your belongings; and organising storage solutions.

I can also help you to create maintainable systems to keep on top of the clutter.

Here are some examples of decluttering services I’m commonly asked to provide support with:

Professional decluttering services minimise the unnessary items cluttering your home

Childrens rooms and playrooms

Playrooms can quickly become buried under heaps of toys and overflowing toy boxes. Clothes that are years too small still stuffed at the back of drawers. Regain a happy playtime by sorting through the old and new. Introduce a system to help your kids get involved in tidy-up-time for clutter-free play. 

Storage Spaces

Stop bulging doors and overflowing drawers by sorting through your storage spaces. Unseen is only out of mind until you need to find something. Wading through years of clutter is never fun. Find better ways of storing and organising your stuff.

Wardrobes and bedrooms

Clothes you’ve only worn once, shoes spilling onto the floor, drawers and doors that won’t close, piles of bedding and laundry. Sound familiar? Declutter your clothing and bedding, and prevent overflowing wardrobes by introducing organisational systems.

Home offices

I can help you to declutter your desk, filing cabinets and office storage. Quickly access the documents and equipment you need without having to search through mountains of mess. You’ve got better things to do, like meet deadlines. 

Organisation services

At Be Clutter Free, my organisation services aim to help you retake control of your belongings. They are particularly useful after a declutter.

Here are some examples of how we can help get you organised:

Professional organisation services that keep your home organised


Often a task left until last. Documentation can quickly become unmanageable. We can help you sort through what’s to keep and what’s to shred. After that, I can help you create systems to maintain organised filing systems.

Kitchens and utility rooms

If you’re renovating your kitchen or utility room, I can help you to pack up your belongings and create organised systems to maintain your shiny new spaces. If you want make better use of the space you have, I can help you to place your pots, pans, utensils, laundry and foods in places that are easy to find, access, and keep tidy, so you can concentrate on cooking.

Living spaces

The most lived in spaces of your home are often the hardest to keep organised. I can help you to ensure your social areas are organised, allowing you to maintain tidy spaces that are comfortable to live in and ready for unexpected visits.

Garages and storage areas

Often, these are the places where things are dumped when you don’t need them. Recesses of forgotten, seasonal, or little used possessions. These areas can quickly become disorganised. We can help you put systems in place allowing you to access and put away your possessions with ease. Out of sight, but still tidy. 

Start the declutter now with a free consultation

A professional organiser can help to bring clarity and calm to your living spaces.

If you’re struggling to declutter your house, book an initial consultation with Be Clutter Free to discover how we can help you. Simply click the button below to choose a date and time to suit you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do professional decluttering and organising services work?

Before I get started with any decluttering or organising services, we first have an initial chat where I can learn more about you and your needs.

Once you’re ready to get started, we agree a time and date to start working together.

From there, I will come to your home as arranged. With your input, I start to declutter and organise your belongings.

The process for decluttering and organising services is generally as follows:

  • Decide what you want to keep, donate, or recycle:
  • Categorise your belongings so you know where everything needs to be stored;
  • Organising storage solutions so that you can keep your belongings tidy, organised, and easily accessible. 
  • Create systems to help you to maintain organised practices and habits, which in turn, helps to prevent your home becoming cluttered again.
How long does it take?

As everyone’s circumstances are unique it’s difficult to give a standard time frame for any professional decluttering or organisation services.

We can discuss what you want to achieve during our initial consultation. From there, we can plan out what is needed and determine an approximate time frame.

What do I need to do before you get started?

The one thing I ask all of my clients to do is have a look around the areas we are going be sorting prior to my arrival. Have an idea in mind as to what you might want to keep, recycle, shred, or dispose of.

That way, you can have a good idea of what will be staying and what you may want to get rid of. From there we can begin to categorise and create storage systems for your belongings. 

What hours do you work?

My normal working hours are:

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturdays 9am to 1pm

In special circumstances, I will work until 7pm and on Bank Holidays.

Where do you work?

I provide decluttering and organisation services across Chorley and the surrounding areas, including:

  • Preston
  • South Ribble (Leyland, Much Hoole, Longton)
  • Eccleston

I’m happy to travel up to 45 mins (one way) from PR7.

Please note that for journeys over 15 miles, I charge a mileage fee for the subsequent miles.

How much does this cost?

This all depends on what support you need. We can have an initial chat and I will advise of a cost before booking anything.

Generally speaking, for all decluttering and organisation services my minimum booking is a 3 hour session costing £90 (no VAT).

All I ask for in advance is 50% of the booking fee to secure your session. The remaining balance is then payable on the day.

Payments can be made by BACS, Cash, Mastercard or Visa.

What if we need more time?

If more time is needed, I’m flexible and can look to fit in extra hours to your sessions.

Additional hours start at £30 per hour.

What happens to my stuff?

That all depends on you! It’s your choice whether you keep, recycle, or donate to charity.

I’m here to guide you in the decision making process. I can assist with taking items to charity, and it always feels good to know someone will be able to benefit from the things you no longer need.

What do I need to provide?

You don’t need to provide anything.

I bring a starter kit that includes labels, post it notes, bin bags; along with a small stationery kit.

If there is anything else needed during a declutter, I can arrange for additional supplies.

Will I need to buy additional storage?

I recommend not buying any additional storage before our first session.

Quite often, my clients tend to find that they already have enough storage after the decluttering process.

If you do need more storage, we can work together to determine what will work for you and your home.