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7 ideas for rehoming after decluttering

Making your clutter count, ideas for rehoming after decluttering

March 25, 2021

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This year, the theme of APDO’s Spring Clearing Week is Making Clutter Count. 

One of the challenges we’ve all faced during lockdown is what to do with things when you’ve decluttered your home. With charity shops closed and charity donations not being possible, we’ve had to get creative with rehoming our things after decluttering. 

Making your clutter count, ideas for rehoming after decluttering
Making your clutter count

So, to always ensure we are reusing, reducing and recycling, I thought I’d put together a few solutions to help you with your decluttering, and minimise what ends up in landfill. 

Family and Friends 

Could your family or friends use the items you’re decluttering?  If it’s furniture do you know anyone who is a keen up-cycler who might be interested in a new project? 

Local foodbanks and Church groups 

With so many people struggling since the pandemic and the first lockdown a year ago, the number of vulnerable people has grown and foodbanks have been receiving unprecedented levels of referrals and requests for assistance.  Most of these organisations are run by volunteers and are not-for-profit, they have neither the funding for storage or the waste disposal solutions.  The best thing to do is to contact the organisation and if possible, send them photos of what you’d like to donate.  If they don’t have anyone to take your items, here are a few other options for you to consider: 

Animal Shelters and Wildlife Rescue 

After decluttering your wardrobe you might be able to send any tatty items to an animal shelter. Does your local hedgehog, animal or wildlife rescue organisation ask for donations?  Newspapers, old fleecy pj’s or tracksuit bottoms might be useful to them. 

Online & Apps 

If after decluttering you have items in good condition you could consider selling them. As well as posting photos on Gumtree and Ebay there are a few places you can list items for sale, either online or via an app.  Facebook Marketplace and Buy Swap Sell Groups or Green living groups. Then there are the free-to-give-away groups like Freegle and Freecycle. 

Look on the App Store or Google play – there are several apps for selling clothes, accessories, books, DVDs and CDs – there’s even a new local food sharing app called Olio.  

If it’s a larger collection of books you could also try contacting your local second-hand bookshop! 

Charity collection bins 

The following charities are still operating collection bins, check on their websites for your nearest location and what they are collecting. 

  • Salvation Army have collection bins at most large supermarkets for clothes and shoes 
  • Firefighter’s charity  
  • Air Ambulance 
  • For those in the Chorley area, did you know Derian House has a new collection bin? 

By Post 

British Heart Foundation, Salvation Army and Alzheimer’s Society are all accepting donations by post, look at their websites to find out what they are accepting and how you can download a postage label. 

Your local Household Recycling Centre 

If none of the above options suits you, then my last recommendation is to try your nearest household recycling centre. They now take an impressive array of items – as well as the usual non-recyclable items – there could be bins for small appliances, batteries, lightbulbs, books and clothing. Check your local council website for what they will accept. 

The ideas listed above have been used not only by me but other professional organisers around the country. I am not affiliated with any of the companies or charities listed, nor do I offer any guarantee for these services.  This blog has been put together to give you some ideas to minimise what goes to landfill after a decluttering session and give your things a new home. 

Want to read more tips from APDO visit the website here.

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