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This is the Privacy Policy for Be Clutter Free. It explains what types of personal data I collect from you when you interact with me, how I’ll store and process that data, and how I’ll keep it safe.

I am Louise Muratori, the founder and owner of Be Clutter Free. I am a sole trader. My business trading address is Vantage House, East Terrace Business Park, Euxton Lane, Euxton, Lancashire, PR7 6TV.  My email address is

I am, what is called, the Controller for Be Clutter Free. This  means that I am responsible for keeping your information safe and secure, giving you access to it if you need it, and disposing of your information if you ask me to or when a reasonable time period has elapsed.

If you have any questions about my GDPR and Privacy Policy you can contact me at


I collect personal data for Clients with whom I work on a one-to-one basis (for decluttering and organising sessions) or in groups (for talks or workshops), whether this is in their homes, in a designated group meeting space, over the phone, or via Zoom or other online meeting systems.

When you contact me via email, via my website, or over the phone, I will collect your full name, telephone numbers, address and email address. I may also collect any online meeting ‘handle’ or other online identity that you share with me.

This personal data will be collected from prospective clients and those who have made appointments with me.

You will be asked to provide some data if you book an appointment via the online Calendly service on my website.

I collect this personal data from you so that we can arrange to meet either virtually or in person so that we can have a decluttering and organising session, or so that I can meet with you in a group setting to present a workshop or talk.

I only collect the minimum amount of information required in order to be able to make appointments with you, visit your home for a scheduled appointment, to make an appointment to meet with your group for a talk or workshop, or meet with you online for a virtual appointment via your meeting system of choice. When you do book with me, I may ask you about any other people who may be present in your home when I visit, such as children or other relatives. I will ask about any pets that you may have. This helps me be prepared for the visit.

WHAT ALLOWS ME TO COLLECT THIS? (otherwise called the lawful basis)

When you contact me and provide personal data to me, this is with your consent. That means that the lawful basis under the data protection legislation is consent.

When you book appointments with me, I will ask you to sign my terms and conditions and this forms a contract between us. The lawful basis for this is then Contract.

I do have a legitimate interest to collect certain data as I cannot operate my business without this. One example is holding information to be able to issues invoices.

I will have a legal obligation to collect and keep some data such as payment or financial data to comply with the law.


Keeping your personal data safe and secure is important to me. I take all reasonable steps to do this.

All devices used by Be Clutter Free are password protected and I do not use any removeable media.

I hold your personal data in software and an electronic accountancy system that is licenced and subject to contracts.

I only hold your personal data for a reasonable length of time. If we have worked together one-to-one or in a group session, I will hold your personal data for 18 months after our last communication, after which I will consider you a ‘past client’, and then I will dispose of all of your personal data. If you wish to work with me again after this, you may contact me and we will resume our working relationship, and I will re-collect the relevant personal data from you at this time.

I am required to hold financial data for 6 years to comply with HMRC obligations.


GDPR means that you have a number of rights regarding your personal data.

You have the following rights as an individual regarding your data: the right to request access, correction, erasure, restriction, transfer, to object to processing, to portability of data and (where the lawful ground of processing is consent) to withdraw consent.

If for any reason you require access to the personal data that I hold about you, you are able to request this from me via email at I will respond to your request and give you access to the personal data free of charge within one month of the date of your request.

If you would like to make a request to change or update any or all of the personal data that I hold about you, you are able to request this from me via email as above.  I will respond to your request and make the requested changes and updates free of charge within one month of the data of your request.

If for any reason you wish for me to delete any or all personal data that I hold about you, you are able to request this from me via email as above. This will be subject to legal obligations to hold certain personal data, but I will respond to your request and notify you of the data that I can delete . This will be free of charge and will take place within one month from the date you contact me..


If you have a complaint about the way I have handled your personal data, I would like the opportunity to resolve this with you. You can contact me at If you are not happy with my response or feel that your personal data has not been handled correctly, you may contact the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), which is the Regulator for the UK.  You can find out more here


If you would like to get in touch about any aspect of my Privacy Policy or if you have any questions that have not been answered in this document, please email