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Need a professional organiser to help declutter your home?

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Turn your house into an organised home

Sometimes, life gets busy and you need a little help to sort out the clutter.

As a professional organiser I can help bring balance and calm back into your home. By assessing your individual needs, I can provide tailored support, practical help and useful tips and advice.

I can help declutter and organise:


Home offices


Kitchens and utility rooms


Bedrooms and play rooms


Loft spaces and storage areas


Garages and sheds


Clothes and wardrobes

A good professional organiser will help declutter and organise your home

Start the declutter now

 A professional organiser can help to bring clarity and calm to your living spaces. 

If you’re struggling to declutter your house, book an initial consultation to discover how I can help you. Simply click the button below to choose a date and time to suit you. 


My goal is to help you take control of your clutter and reduce the stress caused by mess. I can help you with:

Decluttering services

Whether the clutter is confined to just one room, such as your kitchen, or whether you have a house full of chaos, I can help you bring back some calm back to your living space.

Organisation services

From a home office piled high with paperwork to a disorganised kitchen, a professional organiser can help you to change old behaviours and build new habits to maintain an organised home.

Virtual decluttering and organisation service

Do you need a quick decluttering solution? Would you prefer remote support for any of the above situations?

I can provide virtual sessions to help guide you through the sorting and decision making process. I’ll help you to create processes and systems that work for you, and we can keep in touch online as you implement them. 

To see if virtual sessions are a good fit for you, please book a free 30 minute consultation by clicking the button below. We can then discuss the best video call platform and schedule for you.  

About Me and Be Clutter Free

Be Clutter Free is a Lancashire based professional decluttering and organisation service.  

Louise founder of Be Clutter Free

Hi, I’m Louise, a professional organiser from Lancashire

With a background working for some of the world’s leading organisations in project management, I have always loved organising in various capacities.

In fact, I loved it so much that I left the corporate world to launch my own business as a professional organiser, helping people to organise and declutter their homes when they need it the most.

As a British ex-pat, I returned to the UK after 22 years living in Australia. Two international moves and 7 moves in Australia have also fueled my passion for organisation. 

I look forward to finding out how I can help you declutter and get organised. 

Be Clutter Free provide professional organiser and declutter services across Chorley

I work in Chorley and surrounding areas

The circled areas on the map show the areas that I most commonly work. The above areas include Preston, South Ribble and Chorley, as well as parts of West Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

No matter where you live in these highlighted areas, I’m happy to come to you to provide professional organisation and decluttering services.

If you’re unsure whether your area is covered, please drop me a message and I’ll let you know. 

If you would like to arrange a consultation to find out how I can help, you can book a time and date by clicking the link at the top of the page. 

Latest Tips and Tricks

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7 ideas for rehoming after decluttering

7 ideas for rehoming after decluttering

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What is decluttering?

What is decluttering?

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How to organise your wardrobe in 4 simple steps

How to organise your wardrobe in 4 simple steps

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