Need help organising?

Sometimes, life gets busy and you need a little help to prioritise and get things done.

As a professional organiser I can help bring balance and calm back into your home, via virtual organising sessions.

By assessing your individual needs, I can provide tailored support, practical help and useful tips and advice.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Working in bite-sized sessions we'll make progress together.

When the clutter becomes overwhelming, I can help you categorise and organise your stuff. The process of decluttering generally includes: deciding what to keep, donate, or recycle;

categorising your belongings; and organising storage solutions.

I can also help you to create maintainable systems to keep on top of the clutter.


10/10! Just what I've been looking for 🙌

I was moving house at the start of the year and needed help to sort through years worth of stored belongings before I left.

Louise at Be Clutter Free patiently worked with me to declutter and optimise the space and has offered great tips for keeping the clutter at bay in my new home.

I chose to work with Lou virtually over Zoom, which was perfect as I'm self-employed and often have a hectic schedule to work around. Lou was also very flexible with the length/frequency of the sessions, which took the pressure off even more (thank you!)

The help and guidance Lou has given me exceeded all expectations, and I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a non-judgmental and effective way to declutter their homes and lives.

Thanks, Lou! :)

C Parker

Top Tips guide for your decluttering project

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